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Kitchen Junk Curtain: Hot or Not?

Feb 12, 2012 by

Like many of our fellow city dwellers, our apartment has very limited storage (and not a single closet). As a result, things/appliances/boxes start to get put in strange places. At some point, we looked at each other and got all excited about making a curtain to cover up all the junk we store on top of the kitchen cabinets. Leah put together a quick illustrated surface pattern that matched the color of the sea foam green tiles, and we ordered the custom fabric. I bought a simple shower curtain rod and we put the thing up there.

As soon as I installed it we took a few steps back,  folded our arms, and glared at it for a few minutes… I does its job nicely but we honestly couldn’t decide if it was cool or if it was a little too ‘Grandma’s house.’ It’s definitely growing on me, but what do you think?

SIDE NOTE: Check out the flat black spray paint job i gave those cabinet knobs! I think it’s a total upgrade. Also our kitchen tiles are the worst… we’re going get a rug to put down.



  • I say – get the dowel flush to the ceiling so it doesn’t drag/poof so much at the top of the cabinets. That shape is what’s most “grandma chic” about it. Otherwise, fucking awesome as always. I steal all your ideas. Love you both x10000.

    • it can’t go right below the ceiling bc the curtain is too short, and the stuff we’re trying to hide would show – I kinda messed up on that one, but it was just how wide the yard was. But yeah, if it didn’t gather so much it would look cleaner. thanks dude!

  • I agree with Ad’A…if the fabric doesn’t drag it will feel a lot cleaner. Also, for me, it’s the cinching that makes it look a little grand-mammy. Perhaps if you trimmed the length on it ends so it would be super taut? More like a panel as opposed to a curtain?

    Also up close that fabric is bitchin’, it just seems to loose a little of its pop from a distance…how could you make that bad boy pop?

    Regardless, you guys both have amazing eyes…didn’t even know you were doing this blog! Love it!

    • yep, fully agree! I think somewhere in between a billowy curtain and a panel will be a little more streamlined. We don’t want it to really “pop”’s supposed to match those greenish tiles, which have their own subtly pattern. And thanks! I’m glad you like it! It’s been good motivation to get our apartment in gear. xo

  • dill, get your boots off the counter.

  • i think your curtain is sweet. perfect for impromptu puppet shows and covering up lovely junk! i think i spy a small jar that looks quite like sourdough starter .. make it into english muffins!

    • yes! I’ve been nursing the starter for months now, but somehow I’ve been too nervous to make anything since I’ve never done it before. I think you’ve inspired me to try out some muffins this week!

  • Agree with the other comments that a taut panel would look sharper, but it’s a fantastic idea overall. Leah, where do you get your custom fabric printed?

    • Thank you! I’m certainly going to shorten the curtain a bit when I get the chance. I mainly use for digital printing, it’s perfect for what I do since the prices are affordable and you can order very small quantities. The quality is usually great too!

  • I’m not feeling it, to be honest. I like the idea, but not really the result. It looks messier than the couple of pots you’re hiding with it. Love your kitchen though, it’s so cute!

  • I’d rather see the pots/bowls….
    But I have a thing for bowls!

  • I noticed crystal clem wanted you to make it pop, so i was thinking an awning would be pretty interesting.(The little extras you can do with and awning appose to a curtain)

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