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Baby Moses

Apr 12, 2012 by

Meet Baby Moses, the newest and littlest member to our household! He’s a 10-week-old Devon Rex and I already love him so much.

Believe it or not, despite a lot of cat-centric work I’ve done, I’ve never lived with a cat before. I’m allergic to pretty much everything, and so I grew up with poodles. Somehow, miraculously, I’m not allergic to Baby Moses (or, as we’ve taken to calling him, Baby Mo, Baby, Momo, Little Chief, Prince of Egypt, Prince of Bushwick). He has short wavy hair, much like poodles, and really acts like one too, but much quieter. He craves attention: always wants to play, won’t leave Dylan’s lap, and jumps on our faces to wake us up in the morning.

Baby Moses will probably be the star of our lives from now on, so please excuse my Instagram feed if all you see from now on are these big ears and blue eyes.




  • he has the most awesome eyes. & i’m perfectly happy with being flooded with moses photos on instagram.

    • I know! I hadn’t seen cats with eyes like this in real life, and they’re so amazing. Okay, I’ll trade you kitty photos for puppy photos…she’s so pretty!

  • I’m so in love with him! His expression seems worldly.

    • we are too! You will certainly have to come visit again soon to meet this guy. I really wish he could be friends with Mako – maybe one day!

  • And….. I love how he matches your rug. ;-)

  • whoa! he is so unique looking. i wonder if my boyfriend could handle a Devon Rex… he also has bad allergies.
    love that first picture…

  • He is darling!

  • I have cat allergies too and one day I hope I find a kitten just as beautiful as Moses who will not make me want to itch my eyeballs! Congrats!

    • Thanks! He doesn’t shed (not any more than I do, at least) so there’s a lot less dander floating around the house. I’ve never had itchy eye problems, it’s sneezing & runny nose for me, none of it is fun really. I really hope you can get a little guy some day that works for you too!

  • moses is adorable! I am one of those that can look at internet pictures of cats all day long. it’s strange how cat allergies work, I use to have a cat when I was growing up and was not allergic at all, then some time in high school I got deathly allergic. and now, it all depends on the cats. that one cat is going to bring you so much joy.

    • Yes, it’s really strange. I’ve generally avoided cats most of my life ever since the doctor told me I’m allergic, but I’m fine around some and terrible around others. I think i also depends on how clean people keep their houses…if there’s hair everywhere I’m more likely to not feel well. So happy to have this guy now!

  • He is just too cute and I love his name!

  • ahh what a cool little guy!

  • Oh my, he’s SO sweet!

  • His ears are soooooo cute!

  • [...] from creating gorgeous prints, Leah also has one of the cutest kitties ever! If you like cats and nice things I suggest you check the blog she shares with her (also artist) [...]

  • hes so adorable! my boyfriend and I are trying to decide between a devon rex and a bengal but i think pictures of this guy just won us over. where did you find him??

    • He’s absolutely the best. We picked him out of a litter that a small family breeder, Montana Devons, was offering. Leah has always been very allergic to cats but Devons don’t shed and have generally low levels of dander, which really makes him a perfect roommate in our small apartment – and Leah’s not allergic! We did a lot of research before adopting Moses. There are a lot of unethical breeders out there and we felt really comfortable with the the woman (Naomi) we adopted him from. If you can, definitely investigate local shelters to see if you can rescue a new kitty friend before making your final decision!

  • Thanks so much! We just sent in an application and will definitely check out some local shelters. Did you have Baby Moses flown to NY? I’m worried thats a little traumatizing

  • [...] With the addition of the flatfiles, the love seat was forced between our desks. At first I was opposed to this, but it has since become a perfect place to watch YouTube videos with Baby Moses. [...]

  • aww, he is the cutest little thing ever!

  • Momo is the cutest little kitten. Thank you for sharing! I love cats and my boyfriend is really allergic so this information is helpful. Have you shared the story of how you found your kitty? Did you have to buy it from a breeder, since it is hypoallergenic? Thank you!


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