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Jan 16, 2013 by

Photos from Carlsbad, CA, the glorious place where my Mom lives and I grew up. Burrito from Cessy’s.

On January 1 we went to take our annual cleanse in the Pacific. Really, really, cold. These are my three favorite boys on the planet with towel turbans on.

Stained glass rainbow and BBQ at Habitat House. Luv u Ang.

Pizza friends

A couple from my old room & mom’s yard. Succulents everywhere is the best part of the house.



Portsmouth, NH

Nov 27, 2012 by

My mom came into town for Thanksgiving last week and we all went up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a long weekend with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. These are a handful of photos I took around their beautiful old house. I remember taking more than these, but they are strangely nonexistent on the film. Might have lost a roll somewhere.

Carmen Miranda is the family cat up there. Her name is actually just Carmen, but I decided I like calling her Carmen Miranda. Aunt Susie calls her Carmen Chiquita. We had quite the photoshoot outside with her, but I’ll spare you with just these two.

Went around to all the shops in downtown Porstmouth. Most notably the flower shop and rock shop, of course.

Oh, and it was also my birthday, which means I got to draw cats and dogs on my placemat at breakfast.

Cupcakes in the hotel room later.

Stopped at the Great Island Common beach in Newcastle, NH on our way to catch the bus to the train home. Pretty pretty but pretty cold too!

Great long weekend, but finally going home to Moses was the best part.




Oct 8, 2012 by







Good mornings are coffee and the sun and reading and hanging out with Moses and probably painting the flowers before they die.

The Scots Visited

Sep 24, 2012 by

Jen and Alan visited all the way from Glasgow a few weeks ago, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them one evening. We only snapped a handful of photos, but I’m glad we got the allergy test (or, Moses-in-Jen’s-face) on film.



Window Cat

Aug 31, 2012 by

Moses is 7 months old today! He’s been with us for about 5 months now and we couldn’t love a little furry thing more. I snapped a few photos of him looking like a big adult cat on the window sill the other day. He’s still only about 7 lbs though, baby’s hopefully gonna stay little forever.

I also found a roll of film we forgot about with this photo of him in the same spot a couple months ago. I move plants and trinkets around a lot, clearly.


Interiors, Life

A final ode to summer

Aug 25, 2012 by








Various pictures we’ve taken over the summer at Rockaway Beach. Thanks GJL for no. 4 and no. 7.



7 Mile Walk

Aug 17, 2012 by

We did something we do sometimes when there’s nothing else to do, walk until we’re tired and there’s no where else to walk. This day we went from Bushwick to Williamsburg, across the bridge to Lower East Side, down to South Street Seaport, and took the ferry back from there to Williamsburg. These photos are from standing under the Manhattan bridge on South End Avenue and on the ferry.




Aug 13, 2012 by

I went to DC and only took 5 photos. Here are 4 of them:

I went on a Maryland/DC trip a couple weekends ago with Grace. She’s from the area, her whole family is still there. We did some great thrifting outside of Baltimore on Saturday, and did stuff around DC on Sunday. Like hug a huge bulldog, go to a couple museums, walk around and eat popsicles. I’m not really into contemporary conceptual art (if something doesn’t make sense and doesn’t make the world more beautiful, I don’t see the point) but the sea of blue rubber hanging string by Jesús Rafael Soto at the Hirshhorn was fun.


Art, Life


Aug 2, 2012 by




We spent three days in Montauk (the tippy-top of Long Island) earlier this week to celebrate Dylan’s birthday. I don’t think I even need to say it, but it was beautiful. These photos were taken at Navy beach, a rocky beach on the Long Island Sound coast of the island. We’re both so obsessed with finding cool rocks and shells so this was a nice place to spend an afternoon. There were little fish in the water too!





Later we headed to Duryea’s Lobster Deck for lunch and hours of sitting on the deck in the sun.


This came out blurry, sorry, but it’s the only photo of the backyard at Ruschmeyer’s where we stayed. Everyone I know said to avoid Ruschmeyer’s at all costs, that it’s “a shit show”, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the weekend bar scene. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all very quiet. It felt like camping, but with a TV to watch the Olympics on and a wonderful breakfast to eat on the picnic tables in the sun.





Last beach day on the other coast. Fewer rocks, just as nice.




Tuesday was rainy. We rented a car to drive home, and stopped at the lighthouse on the way back.




Jul 11, 2012 by

Moses is growing up. He was lounging on the rug and even though it was getting really dark, the light was interesting so I snapped a couple glamour shots of our handsome friend.

If you can’t get enough of him check out for Baby Mo’s very own all GIF blog.